The Appesi aun filo came out in 1993 from a transistion of a rap-posse band, the Salerno posse, to a wider project, more focused on the musical care and based on ska, reggae, ragamuffin and ethnic sounds. In the first year of activity, the band, named C.S.O.A (Collettivo suonatori occupanti asilo) followed a policy of concerts with strong social attention. Anyway the band soon realised that its own area didn�t allow neither a visibility, nor a growth; so it developed different aims and particularly new social spaces in order to exchange the ideas and ferments repressed by a retrograde town. That is the necessary principle for a strong social project. In the second year the band�s name became Appesi aun filo (literally �Hanged to a thread�) and played as support with Mau Mau, 99Posse, Africa Unite, 24Grana, E' Zezi e Klasse Kriminale. In 1996, they changed the band members and it�s name too (�Le coqs sans cret�), they participated and won at the music contest �Covermania�. From this experience, the last member persisting of original nucleus, Massimo De Feo, decides on restoring the first project Appesi aun filo, looking for a greater visibility in the area. This aim has been pursued through the participation in several festival and the establishment of a test-room for many groups and projects. Actually Appesi aun filo, with the cultural association settled by some of them, lead a project based on the audio, video, publishing self-production. Its name is Legal records. Appesi aun filo in the summer of 2004 took part in Rock Tv Contest _I Tim Tour (tour with international artists); they were selected between thousands of Italian bands. In 2005 they won at the Folkontesto 06 and also played at the Ariano Folk festival. In 2006 they won at the selections Folketnica 2006 and after that score, they participated in Diso Folk Festival 2006. At the moment their index contemplates almost 15 tracks (almost 2 hours of show); it goes from the ska in 2Tone style to the carribean ska of first Jamaican orchestras, with a good deal of dub, reggae, rockabilly and balkanic rhythms.

Massimo De Feo - Drums
Daniela Donati � Main Voice and rhythmic guitar
Mario Baselice - Bass
Dario Di Matteo - Guitars
Matteo Pastore � Keyboards
Federico Lazzari � Trumpet
Ermanno Ferrara - Sax
Sabatino Procida - Trombone
Dario Ferrara - Clarinetto
Vincenzo Lamberti - Dub Master, Percussions, PC

Versione Italiana versione italiana